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Remote Learning Survey

To help us to continue to improve and refine our remote learning offer for families, we would like to know your thoughts on our approach to home learning over the last half-term.
This will help us to find out what we’re doing well and to reflect on where we could potentially make any improvements.
We would really appreciate you taking the time to complete a short survey (separately) for each of your children by following the link below:
Please complete the survey by Friday 26th February

Please choose your child's year group (please complete a new response for each child)*
Please select ALL the statements that apply to your child's ability to complete the remote learning tasks set:*
Please select the comment which applies THE MOST to the level of work set for your child:*
Please select the comments that were true for your child's well-being (select ALL that apply)*
Which aspects of home learning worked well (select ALL that apply)*