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Year 3

Welcome back!

During this term, year 3 will sail back to the dark ages, where battles were rife, and fear reigned! Our theme is “Traders and Raiders” and in this topic the children will learn about Britain’s settlement by the Anglo-Saxons and the invasion by the fearsome Vikings. We will use maps to locate where the invaders came from and where they settled. We will write a report on who the Anglo-Saxons were and what their daily life was like. We will learn about King Athelstan and Alfred the Great. After considering whether he really was that great at all, the children will write a character profile for King Alfred. The topic will be finished with an exciting visit to Flag Fen where the children will be able to find out what Anglo-Saxon village life was like and sit in the reconstructed roundhouses.


In Maths we will be developing our written skills for multiplication and division. We will work on fractions as well as practising our 3, 4, 5 and 8 times tables.


During the spring term, Year 3 will be learning about two topics in Science: Food and our Bodies and Rocks, Soils and Fossils.

These weeks before the half term, we have been learning about animal (including human) nutrition: the need for the right type of nutrition and that animals cannot make their own food, they have to eat; we’ve learned about healthy balanced diets and what these can include and we have been developing our knowledge of the skeleton: its purposes, what it looks like in humans and how our muscles work with it to allow us movement and support.

In Rocks, Soils and Fossils we will be investigating different types of rock, learning how fossils are formed and understanding that rocks are made from organic matter.


Year 3’s RE topics for this half term are: Journeys, Listening and Sharing and Giving All.

Our learning during the topic Journeys focuses on the local church and how Catholics follow Jesus’ life journey through the liturgical year and celebrate and remember his life. Our topic Listening and Sharing focuses on the Eucharist and Giving All is our topic during Lent, the preparation for Easter.


In the Spring term, Year 3 have been reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll as our class book which we have used as our text during Reading lessons. We have discovered a wide range of language and developed our vocabulary as well as enjoying a different style of story writing. We will continue to practise our retrieval, summary and inference skills as well as taking the opportunity to predict what will happen next, explore character emotions and perform from a playscript.


Spellings will continue to be set on a Tuesday; the children will need to learn these ready for their test on Friday.

There is an expectation that children read at home daily. Please make a note in their reading diaries to show that they have read. Their reading records will be checked regularly by the class teacher.


PE kits need to be in school all the time please. Our PE days are Monday and Thursday; however sometimes this may need to change.As the weather is getting cooler please ensure your child has suitable shoes and warm clothing as PE sessions will take place outdoors when weather permits. 

Thank you for your continued support.

The Year 3 teaching team