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Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

together we live and learn, we play and pray

Year 2

Welcome to Year Two! We have a very busy and exciting term ahead of us. I am really looking forward to all the fantastic work we are going to produce together.  

This term, the title of our theme is ‘Street Detectives’.

We will use Cornerstones as the base for planning lessons.

 This way or that? Where should we go? Up to the local shops or down to the park? Let’s learn about our local communities, looking at houses old and new and finding out how our streets have changed since our mum’s and dads were young. Perhaps your granny or grandpa went to your school or maybe they worked in a local shop.

Make maps and plans of the streets around us planning our routes. What can you see? What can we find? Where do you live? Do you know your address?

Ready to roll, Street Detectives? Get your clipboards and cameras…it’s time to start investigating! (Taken from the Cornerstones website)

Main focus: History Also covered: Art, Science and Geography

If there is anything else you would like to know about our theme, please ask.  I am more than happy to discuss the work we will be completing.


There is an expectation that children will read at home daily. Please ensure that you note what has been read in your child’s reading diaries and send these to school every day. A member of the Year Two teaching team will check reading diaries regularly and a reward system will be used to help children celebrate the books they have read.

Spelling books need to be in school everyday as we work in them during lessons. Spelling homework will be given out on Tuesdays. This will be a list of spellings and an activity that helps to learn these for the Friday spelling test. If your child has spellings that have been highlighted in green, these are the ones that they should learn. If you would like some additional ideas on how to help your child learn their spellings, please ask.

To avoid children worrying please inform us if there are any difficulties in completing set homework. We understand that sometimes family circumstances make completion of homework difficult and we can help children complete work in school on these occasions.

Other classroom Information

PE kits need to be in school all the time please but our PE days are Tuesday and Friday. These sessions will take place outside when weather permits and will be taught by the school’s PE coach. Please ensure that PE kits include satiable clothing including footwear as PE lessons will take place outside when weather permits. I can appreciate how frustrating it can be when PE items are misplaced. To help avoid this, it is a good idea to ensure PE kits are fully named as there will be other children with the same t-shirts in class and possibly shorts/tracksuits and trainers.

School water bottles are welcome in school at all times- please ensure these only contain water unless other arrangements have been made with the class teacher/ head teacher.

Please refer to the school website about uniform. The children always return to school looking incredibly smart and I look forward to seeing this continuing throughout the year.  

Thank you for your continued support. I am sure we will have a fantastic year and have a lot of fun (there will be a lot of work as well). The Year 2 teaching team (Mrs Nash, Mrs Cunnington and Mrs Cooper)