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Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

together we live and learn, we play and pray

School Uniform

At Sacred Heart we believe that our uniform encourages a sense of pride in appearance and a feeling of belonging to the school family. 

Water bottles and descant recorders are purchased by placing an online order via PMX 

Samples of school jumpers can be tried on at the school office and purchased on-line from our uniform supplier - Nationwide School Uniforms

Orders can be delivered free to school or home for a delivery fee. Please follow the link below:

Uniform List


Red ‘v’ neck jumper or cardigan with grey stripe – available from School Trends

Grey skirt/pinafore dress/trousers (see below).

White shirt 

School tie – available from School Trends

Plain white socks or red tights (ribbed or heavy weave)

Sensible black or brown shoes.  Summer footwear may remain as black or brown shoes or change to plain black, brown, navy or grey sandals.

If girls choose to wear trousers they must be straight cut. Flared, fashion cut and stretchy materials will not be acceptable.


Red ‘v’ neck jumper with grey stripe – available from School Trends

Grey tailored school trousers or shorts

White shirt

School tie – available from School Trends

Plain grey socks

Sensible black or brown shoes

During the summer term they may choose either to remain in full winter uniform or wear a red and white gingham checked short-sleeved shirt available from School Trends.  Summer footwear may remain as black or brown shoes or change to black, brown, navy or grey sandals.


All children must wear black shorts no longer than mid thigh together with our school PE House Colour T shirt available from School Trends

St George - Red               St David - Yellow

St Andrew -  Blue             St Patrick - Green

In colder weather the children are allowed to wear tracksuits over their PE kit but no bright colours or big logos. Bare feet for gymnastics and dance.  Trainers or plimsolls for outdoor PE. Long hair must be tied back.

Foundation Stage / Reception

There are a few exceptions to the above uniform for these children. Plimsolls and PE shirts are not needed until the spring term, when children get fully changed for PE.   We would suggest that reception children wear short sleeved white shirts instead of those with buttoned cuffs.  When playing with water, paint, glue etc. they find it impossible to undo buttons, roll up sleeves and then re fasten cuffs.


All children must have a pair of Wellingtons in school.  School has some that can be borrowed at a cost of £1 per term.

Jewellery is not allowed at any time. The only exception is where a child already has pierced ears, then one pair only of small plain studs in the ear lobe are acceptable but not encouraged.  Children in KS2 are allowed to wear a watch.  However, the watch must have an analogue face (hands and numbers), be simple in design and must not contain any technology (alarms, games etc). The school will not be held responsible for any injury or loss caused as a result of wearing any of these items.

Hair must be neat and in a conventional style.  No colourings or fashion statements.

Trainers or any kind of boot are not permitted.

We would urge you to name all items of uniform as it is almost impossible to trace the owners otherwise.