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Sacred Heart RC Primary School

together we live and learn, we play and pray


Welcome back for the new Summer term. We have enjoyed talking to the children about what they did in the holidays, and it has been lovely to see them return to school full of energy and enthusiasm.

During this term the themes we will be focusing on are Growing , Minibeasts and Animals topics . We will be exploring the outdoors more looking at plants, minibeast and we will also be growing vegetables in our digging area.

The caterpillars have arrived! 


We have been reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and are so excited because we have our own caterpillars in class. We are going to watch them grow from tiny caterpillars into big fat caterpillars (just like in the story), and then watch as they form their cocoons and then.....emerge as butterflies! We are going to take photographs and put them on the website so that the whole family can watch their progress. Enjoy!



 During this term we will be learning:

Solving mathematical problems using addition and subtraction

Doubles of numbers up to 5 (if your child is confident they may be able to learn doubles of number up to 10)

Understand what a half is (e.g. can they divide a pizza into two equal halves?) Be able to find half of numbers up to 10 or 20.

Counting on from different numbers (e.g. say the next three numbers after 16…)

Learn about time (e.g. know the days of the week, months of the year, and know that time can be measured in minutes and hours.)



 During this term we will be learning:

· Phase 3 and 4 in our daily phonics sessions

 · Reading

 · Handwriting and letter formation

 · Writing/ reading sentences independently We will have a focus on “narrative” and “riddles” this term.

 This will include encouraging the children to retell stories in their own words and to use their imagination to tell and act out their own stories. The children will also have a go at writing and illustrating their own stories.

Please our Summer 1 topic web for more details.

 Thank you for your ongoing support.

Mrs Lopez (class teacher)

 Mrs Robertshaw (Deputy head)