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Parking at School

Safe and considerate parking

We are very fortunate that Sacred Heart is tucked away in a quiet, residential area, with parents not having the worry of getting children across busy main roads when they are taken and collected by car. The downside of this is that parking can be an issue on some of the residential streets around our School. We have always worked hard to maintain good relations with our neighbours, and to this end we would remind all parents to be extremely careful and considerate when parking cars at both ends of the School day. Please DO NOT park cars across any driveways, thus preventing any households from going about their business. Also, DO NOT park on the grass verges at the end of the car park, as this dangerously impedes the vision of drivers leaving the car park. Parking is also obviously not permitted on any zig zags or double yellow lines, yellow hatchings or zig zags, as it is vital that emergency vehicles can access School at any time of the day. Finally, there are two disabled parking space in the car park, and a number of parents and carers who are entitled to use this space. It is completely unacceptable for anybody else to use this parking space.

Finally, can I remind all parents to drive extremely slowly and carefully into our car park, as there will be many children crossing the car park at busy times of the day.

I hope that this clarifies our position on parking. Thank you in advance for your co-operation if you are a parent new to Sacred Heart, and thank you for your continued co-operation if you are an existing parent or carer.