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Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

together we live and learn, we play and pray

Breakfast Club

The Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Breakfast Club provides breakfast in a safe, secure and relaxed environment together with a range of activities for the children before school. We are open  Monday to Friday, during term time only from 07:50 to 08:50. Children may arrive no earlier than 07:50 and breakfast will be available up until 08:15.

The cost of the breakfast club is £3 per session and sessions must be booked and paid for in advance on , bookings must be made with the school office to ensure there are sufficient spaces available.

We offer a range of healthy, balanced breakfast choices such as…

  • Toast—white, wholemeal and best of both
  • Cereal—semi skimmed milk
  • Hot drinks
  • Cold drinks—water, juice etc
  • A basket of fruit will be made available everyday

Also once a week we have a special breakfast where the children could enjoy…

  • Freshly made fruit smoothies
  • Bacon bap
  • Sausage bap
  • Warm breakfast on toast

Once the children have finished their breakfasts they take part in a variety of supervised activities that will prepare them for their school day.