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Attendance - School Day

The school gates are opened at 8.40am and a senior member of staff will welcome the children and parents into the playground.

The children are met outside by their class teacher and they enter the school building at 8.45am At 8.55am the bell will ring for registration and the classroom doors will close.

Any child arriving after this time is logged on the register as late.  At 9.00am the external doors and gates are locked and children arriving after this time need to access the school through our main reception. If your child arrives after 9.10am then they are logged on the register as an unauthorised late and this will reflect poorly on their overall attendance record.

People with Attendance Responsibility
Role Name Contact Details
Senior Attendance Lead Thomas Claxton 01733 262449
Attendance Officer Rachel Valentine 01733 262449
Named Governor for Attendance Gemma Moran 01733 262449

Time from

Time to Activity
8.55 am 9.10 am Registration and early morning learning
9.10 am 10.10 am Teaching Session
10.10 am 10.30 am Playtime
10.30 am 12.00 noon Teaching Session
12.00 noon 12:45 pm Lunchtime
12:45 pm 3.15 pm Teaching Session
3.15 pm   School finishes