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EYFS - Under the Jurassic Sea

This week the children visited the Peterborough Museum. Hopefully they have shared with you some of their discoveries from our exciting trip!

The children had the opportunity to take on the role of a palaeontologist, exploring different types of fossils and learning about the sea creatures that lived under the Jurassic Sea. We also uncovered some interesting new dinosaur facts and made some fantastic models.

Please see the Photo Gallery page for more pictures from our trip!

During our visit to the museum we also had the opportunity to explore the Pirates, Pants and Wellyphants exhibition. It is a wonderfully bright and colourful touring exhibition all about Nick Sharratt and his illustrations. Our children have been learning these stories in our Story time phonics lessons, so they were very eager to share their knowledge about these books and explore the stories even further.

There were lots to look at, from drawings he did as a boy and student, to original picture-book artwork. There are sections on how picture books are made, lots of activities to do, including dressing up, creating your own 'Sharracter' and working in his studio.

If you find yourselves with a free weekend, why not pop along to visit the museum. I’m sure your children will be delighted to guide you around the “Under the Jurassic sea” and the Nick Sharrat exhibitions. Please note this event will be only taking place until the 29th March 2020 .

We would like to thank The Peterborough Museum for their welcoming support with these wonderful workshop opportunities.