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Catholic Life & RE

Religious Education

At Sacred Heart, Religious Education is viewed as ‘the core of the core curriculum’; the foundation of the entire educational process. The beliefs and values studied in Catholic religious education inspire and draw together every aspect of the life of a Catholic school. Religious Education involves children in learning about the teachings of the Church and the mystery of Christ.

Teachers, from Foundation Stage through to Year 6, follow the ‘Come and See’ programme as recommended by the Diocese. Lessons are taught in ‘themes’ which follow the process of Explore, Reveal, and Respond.

A variety of teaching and learning strategies are used in order to appropriately meet the needs and learning styles of all children. Teaching activities include; writing, reading, drama, role play, music and art. Teachers set a weekly homework activity based around the week’s RE teaching. This offers parents the opportunity to see what is being taught in lessons as well as further strengthening home school links.

All children in our school, irrespective of ability, faith and background have appropriate differentiated access to the Religious Education programme.


Prayer is central to the life of our school. Children pray together as a class four times daily; to start the day, before lunch, after lunch and to end the day. The children are taught daily prayers from Foundation Stage, however children are also taught the following prayers; the Our Father (whole school), the Hail Mary (whole school) and the Glory Be (KS2). From Year 2 the children are also familiar with the responses that are said in mass in order that they can participate fully. We hold a weekly mass lead by Fr Seelan as well as a number of whole school masses throughout the school year.